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August 25, 2012

Jersey Boys London’s Jon Boydon Interview on

Jersey Boys Musical in London is a standing production at Prince Edward Theatre. Jon Boydon is now in his third year playing tough guy Tommy DeVito in the Olivier Award-winning West End production of Jersey Boys. A veteran of We Will Rock You, Boydon, soon to be 36, is now juggling playing a Four Season with the demands of fatherhood to son Deacon, who is 18 months old. Here’s a sneak peek of his interview about keeping the long-running role fresh, family life, and his upcoming gig at London’s100 Club to promote his debut album, Three Four.

Jon Boydon Jersey Boys London

Jon Boydon Jersey Boys London

Here is the Sneak Peek of the Jon Boydon’s Interview on

You’ve done two and a half years in Jersey Boys and counting: You must be very happy there.
At the moment, I’m [signed on] till March 2013, and I did two years on We Will Rock You previously. But, you know, to be in a position where you contemplate staying on for a third year just goes to show the draw that our show has and, for performers, that it has such a rich book. You don’t feel saturated or bored the way you might in another show.

Maybe you’ll become the London equivalent to someone like Howard McGillin, who played the title role in The Phantom of the Opera more than 2,000 times.
Let’s hope we have that long a run [laughs]!

How did the role of Tommy fall into place for you?
Once I started toying with the accent and the voice and the physicality, it all began to make sense—and it helped that I turned up at the audition wearing a good suit!

You’ve clearly developed a rock ‘n’ roll niche for yourself on the West End.
I do seem to have got away with not doing any serious musical theater, though I’m not sure that’s really my thing anyway. I haven’t trained and I don’t have that history of the Les Miz/Phantom/Cameron Mackintosh-musical vocal sound. I just kind of do what I do—a lot of the time with a guitar on my lap! [Laughs.]

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June 19, 2010

Beggin’ You to See Jersey Boys in London

Jersey Boys – Prince Edward Theatre, London

Thousands of people visit London every year and take in a theatre show, but what’s worth seeing? In the heart of London’s theatre land there are literally dozens of theatres within a few hundred metres of each other showing a whole host of shows. Many opted for Jersey Boys, a show based on the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

Although the Burton Mail critic is not from the era of The Four Seasons and probably couldn’t tell you the title of any of their tracks until he saw Jersey Boys, he became a fan thanks to the clever and gripping story, the fabulous music, and the superb cast. Here’s a preview:

It’s true that the writers of the show Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice came up against this problem time and time again with the four key players Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito and the late Nick Massi all having differing accounts of key events in the group’s history.

This is cleverly overcome by more than one version of events being played out at the same time and with some of the onstage arguments showing that everything was not always plain sailing. The story is truly gripping with the music playing a key role. To see the band struggle as they are forced to sing backing vocals to their manager’s (Bob Crewe) artists before a hastily put together arrangement of Sherry was sung down the telephone to kick-start what was to become a super-group.


A superb show with a truly talented cast. If you’re not a Four Seasons fan when you go in, you are by the time you leave. Get your Jersey Boys Prince Edward Theatre Tickets now! Save $10 on Jersey Boys Ticket Orders over $350! Code AFF$10