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PostHeaderIcon Critic Says Vegas Jersey Boys Better Than Ever Two Years Later!

Critic Ellen Sterling attended the Jersey Boys anniversary show last Saturday evening in Vegas and noted that the performance was brilliant! Here’s a sneak peek into her fantastic review:

No, it was absolutely the performances, particularly that of Rick Faugno as Frankie. Since I saw him at the press night in 2008 he has grown, flourished, in the role. Faugno has the voice, the acting chops and, most of all, the thorough knowledge of his character. For those two hours he is Frankie Vallli and believably takes his character from teenage boy-with-a-great-voice to adult man who has dealt with a range of problems and issues in his life. Though, to be fair, I have to say I haven’t seen the alternate Frankie, Travis Cloer, I still believe Faugno’s is a superb performance. The other three seasons — Jeff Liebow (Nick Massi), Devin May (Tommy DeVito) and Peter Saide (Bob Gaudio) — are equally good. It is clear that they singers were cast both to talent and physical type. They struck gold with this cast.