June 19, 2010

Jersey Boys Is Gripping in Indianapolis

Critic Jay Harvey states that You don’t have to have a memory bank stuffed with Four Seasons songs to have plenty to draw upon at “Jersey Boys.”

Here’s Jay Harvey’s rave review:

It’s a gripping piece of theater that can connect with anyone who’s experienced work-life issues, even though they’re probably not set to hit songs. Like so many American stories, it reminds us that however much we try to nurture the goose that lays golden eggs, it’s all too tempting to wring its neck.

As the Broadway Across America Indianapolis touring production moved toward its second weekend here Wednesday night, “Jersey Boys” appeared to be in fine shape, despite a few vagaries of amplification and balance.

The set strikes the eye immediately, steely and squared off, looking almost as if it could serve as the setting for the rumble in “West Side Story.” A giant cage moves into and out of position, making vivid the subtle contrast between the illusory freedom of show business and the entrapped lives of lower-middle-class Italian-Americans.

The glamour that beckoned the Four Seasons (and seems to be snatched out of their grasp every which way) is as two-dimensional as the old-school comic-strip knockoffs that pop up on screens above the stage to introduce each “season” in the group’s career.

{Via IndyStar.com}

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