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PostHeaderIcon Jersey Boys Touring Musical in Columbus Ohio – Review

Jersey Boys touring musical is currently stop in Columbus OH and performing at Ohio Theatre Columbus (39 E State St, Columbus, OH 43215 ) through September 29, 2013.

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The combination of style and substance, blended by director Des McAnuff and choreographer Sergio Trujillo, made for great theater at the Wednesday opening in the Ohio Theatre – Reviewed via

As far as American musicals about work, family, failure and the price of success go, nothing else compares.

Dividing the two-act musical into four “seasons,” each narrated from a different perspective, Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice adopt an effective framing device that evokes the structure of Rashomon or Citizen Kane to give each band member his due.

Nicolas Dromard offers a compelling portrait as Tommy DeVito, who spots the potential of a young Frankie Valli and keeps the group together through the early years.

Jason Kappus projects convincing intelligence and initial youthful naivete as Bob Gaudio, the last to join the quartet but the one with the most talent to sustain it.

Brandon Andrus exerts his quiet presence, with simmering frustrations, as Nick Massi, the Ringo of the foursome.

Nick Cosgrove packs an emotional punch as lead singer Valli, who sacrifices so much to support the band. Despite a voice too nasal at times, the good singer fills the falsetto bill.

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Jersey Boys musical will be in Columbus OH for only two weeks through Sunday September 29, 2013. Weekend tickets are selling fast, Buy Jersey Boys Ohio Theatre Columbus Tickets before they go on sale completely.

PostHeaderIcon Jersey Boys Ohio Theatre Columbus Review

Jersey Boys musical on national tour is currently performing at Ohio Theatre Columbus (39 E State St, Columbus, OH 43215 ) through September 29, 2013.

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There is no denying “Jersey Boys” is fun, but overall, it’s the real story of The Four Seasons that makes this musical the Tony-award winning hit it is. – Reviewed via

Despite the somewhat older than college-age audience at Wednesday night’s showing of “Jersey Boys,” at Ohio Theatre this musical can entertain Millennials.

The character authenticity elevates this jukebox musical to a level far above others in its genre. “Jersey Boys” encapsulates a biography, musical and concert all in one.

“Jersey Boys” takes the audience on a biographical tour of the rise and fall of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The show is structured into the four seasons — spring, summer, fall and winter — each narrated by a different member of the group.

The show opens in spring on the streets of New Jersey where it all began.

Tommy DeVito, played by Nicolas Dromard, transports the audience to Jersey in the 1960s. Devito proclaims himself leader of the band and spends the better half of the first act setting the boys up for fame.

Summer is narrated by Bob Gaudio, played by Jason Kappus, who writes the songs that puts The Four Seasons on the map. The group begins to fall apart when bass player Nick Massi, played by Brandon Andrus, takes over. Frankie Valli, played by Nick Cosgrove, guides us through the winter.

The show starts slow with the group singing lesser-known Four Seasons songs and covers accompanied by a great deal of character development. Tommy DeVito is the stereotypical, hard-hitting Jersey boy with a big ego and even bigger eyes. He provides a few laughs and much-needed plot development, but I grew tired of DeVito by Act 2.

Nick Massi is portrayed as one of the undervalued members of the group, but I thought he was a star of the show. The comically straightforward singer’s deep voice and staunch appearance brought a fresh dynamic to the Jersey cast. I caught myself watching Massi most during group performances.

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Jersey Boys musical run through September 29, 2013 at Ohio Theatre Columbus. Jersey Boys Columbus OH Tickets are selling fast online, buy before they go on sale completely.