The Jersey Boys Musical first national tour returned to Detroit Dec 12 and continue through January 6, 2013 at the Fisher Theatre. Jersey Boys leading cast: Michael Lomenda (Nick Massi), Nick Cosgrove (Frankie Valli), Miles Jacoby (Bob Gaudio), and John Gardiner (Tommy DeVito) (Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel)

Jersey Boys Fisher Theatre Tickets
Jersey Boys Fisher Theatre Tickets

Andrea Daniel previewed the musical at Here is the story:

Cosgrove, who joined the production in 2011, says he feels as if he’s been training for the role for a large part of his life.

“There weren’t shows like TMZ, and all the celebrity shows back then like we have now,” says Nick Cosgrove, who plays Valli in the “Jersey Boys” production. “But with this play, you see the highs and lows that this group went through. And you see it wasn’t an overnight sensation. You see the struggles and successes.”

The actor/singer says his character doesn’t leave the stage for nearly two hours during the show, and he sings 27 songs.

“It’s like running a marathon,” he says.

Joining Cosgrove as the three members of the Four Seasons are John Gardiner as Tommy DeVito, Miles Jacoby as Bob Gaudio and Michael Lomenda as Nick Massi. While the three, plus Cosgrove, didn’t work together prior to the production, Cosgrove says the ability to gel in their roles is part of the magic of live theater.

“In the show, when the character Bob joins the group, he plays the song ‘Cry for Me’ at the piano. They form their sound for the first time with that song. So it’s like we (actors) get to find each other every night, and each performance breathes new life into the show,” Cosgrove says.

He calls “Jersey Boys” a behind-the-scenes experience.

“It’s a story about family, and anyone can connect to that. And you get a rock concert all night long.”

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