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August 2, 2010

Jersey Boys star Joseph Leo Bwarie

Joseph Leo Bwarie as Frankie Valli

Joseph Leo Bwarie as Frankie Valli

One question with Joseph Leo Bwarie:
What’s it like being on the road for years at a time with a touring show?

Joseph Leo Bwarie’s Answer: Not being able to come home is the hardest part. Really difficult. We become a family on tour, our cast and crew and administration that travels with us. We become a “don’t mess with us, we’re Jersey boys, and we’ll take care of each other no matter what” kind of group. When you’re away from your friends and family and relationships, it is isolating, so to be in such a company where everyone takes care of each other is important. We have that and I know that’s not true for a lot of tours. We have managed to not only be good at our jobs, but be good at being people together, co-existing as we travel in this crazy job we have pretending to be legendary rock stars.

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