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May 21, 2010

Cleopatra Williams in Jersey Boys Toronto from Tomorrow

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Cleopatra Williams in Jersey Boys

Cleopatra Williams in Jersey Boys

Inside Toronto’s Danielle Milley has a feature on the newest addition to the Jersey Boys Toronto cast: Cleopatra Williams!

The East York native performed in We Will Rock You, danced with the Raptors Dance Pack, toured the Middle East with Toronto pop singer Massari and on April 22 she took to the Toronto Centre for the Arts stage in the story of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. Williams is one of three female performers in the cast who play a combined total of 50 different parts; one of her roles is Mary Delgado, Valli’s wife.

The East York Collegiate Institute graduate found out she got the job in February, but she had a hunch after her auditions.

“Of course I was so happy and grateful, but somehow I just knew it was mine,” she said. “I had this feeling.”


Jersey Boys – Four Seasons Story Shines in Providence!

Bill Rodriguez provides a phenomenal review of the Jersey Boys national tour production in Providence!

Here’s a preview: Jersey Boys is a captivating 2-1/2 hours that you’ll want to go on forever. And since it captures the spirit and heartbeat of the Four Seasons so well, it can. After seeing the show, if you don’t rush off to YouTube or iTunes or a classic vinyl bin, there is either too much music in your life or too little.


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Jersey Boys Star to Perform Solo Sunday at Library Theatre

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Travis Cloer & His Little Big Band will be performing this Sunday at The Clark County Library Theatre

Travis Cloer & His Little Big Band will be performing this Sunday at The Clark County Library Theatre! Jerry Fink spoke with Travis about his upcoming show:

Travis Cloer & Rick Faugno share playing the role of Frankie Valli in Vegas JERSEY BOYS. Actually, he and Faugno share more than the Valli role. Both are talented singers and dancers with strong desires to perform solo, in addition to performing in “Jersey Boys” at the Palazzo. For several months Faugno has been occasionally performing his one-man show, “Songs My Idols Sang (And Danced!)”, at South Point. Taking a cue from his fellow star, Cloer has dusted off a solo show he has performed off and on for the past five or six years.

When: 2 p.m. Sunday, May 23
Where: The Clark County Library Theatre, 1401 E. Flamingo Road (West of Maryland Parkway)


Jersey Boys Still Stays Strong at Broadway Box Office

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On Broadway, Jersey Boys grossed $1,096,659 and had a 98.3% attendance rate for the week ending May 16, 2010. The 33 shows on the boards grossed $22,465,357 for the week, climbing nearly 5% from the previous week.

Below are the Top 10 Grosses from for the week ending May 16, 2010.

1. Wicked $1,549,754
2. The Lion King $1,391,151
3. The Addams Family $1,296,775
4. Promises, Promises $1,218,857
5. Billy Elliot: The Musical $1,153,492
6. Jersey Boys $1,096,659
7. Fences $992,252
8. Come Fly Away $871,343
9. American Idiot $849,831
10. Mama Mia! $836,492